Welcome to CANI, Inc.

CANI, Inc. provides process and productivity improvement for critical cleaning and microbial control. We offer products and services designed to deliver improved regulatory compliance, workplace safety, and operational efficiencies through better infection and contamination control practices.

Experienced CANI staff are recognized technical experts with over 20 years experience serving an entire range of manufacturing and research facilities including basic research, laboratory animal research, pilot and clinical facilitiesbulk compound production and finished products from drugs and medical devices to personal care andfood products.

We provide a special category of closely specified, scientifically selected, validated cleaning and decontamination agents and technical support services for critical corporate scientific and manufacturing activities. With our help,FDA regulated facilities can more effectively utilize chemical budgets to achieve significant operational savings in time, labor, utilities, and regulatory costs.

Markets Served

• Dietary Supplement Industry
• Pharmaceuticals
• Biotechnology
• Fine Chemicals
• Cosmetics and Personal Care
• Medical Device & Diagnostics
• Nutrition, Food & Beverage
• Hospitals and Healthcare
• Electronics/ Semiconductor
• Laboratory Animal Research




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