beakernewCANI, Inc. is a leader in the field of process and productivity improvement for critical cleaning and microbial control. Our products and services are designed to deliver improved regulatory compliance, workplace safety, and operational efficiencies through better infection control and contamination control practices:
• Cleaning Agents and Disinfectant Products
• Safer, More Productive Procedures and Application Methods
• State of the Art Chemical Feed Equipment
• Unmatched Technical Services and validation support services
• Industry respected consulting expertise and training programs
• Patented systems and technology for cleaning and microbial control

CANI is uniquely capable of providing significant value to corporate customers:

• Improved process effectiveness, consistency, and quality
• More productive, efficient cleaning
• Defensible scientific data and rationale for cGMP/FDA compliance
• Faster validation compliance
• Better utilization, less duplication of limited in-house validation resources
• Standardization, vendor consolidation, and simplification throughout the organization
• Reduced discharge and EPA compliance costs-sewer, solvent and air emissions
• More competitive & profitable operations at all levels-dept.,plant, lab, corporate.

Markets Served:
CANI, Inc. serves FDA regulated manufacturing and research, cGMP driven suppliers, and other related industries requiring "critical" cleaning and decontamination that must be rigorous, consistent, precise, and "validatable". This is a select group of industries including:
• Pharmaceuticals
• Biotechnology
• Fine Chemicals
• Cosmetics and Personal Care
• Medical Device & Diagnostics
• Nutrition, Food & Beverage
• Hospitals and Healthcare
• Electronics/ Semiconductor
• Laboratory Animal Research

Technical Services and Consulting Experts:
On-Site Facility Cleaning Audits-Assessment and Recommendations

• Product contact equipment, research cleaning / decontamination
• Facility and equipment environmental decontamination
• Multi-site audit program for best practices, uniformity, standardization
• Laboratory Services-Diagnostics, Simulations, Testing, Development Support
• Residue characterization and analysis-complete array of methods support including: HPLC, FTIR,GC-MS and LC-MS, SEM/EDS, AES, TOF-SIMS, TOC
• Problem analysis and residue removal testing using coupons and other methods
• Selection and justification of cleaning agents and procedural improvements
• Justification of product groupings, worst case and cleaning validation protocols
Process Improvement and Engineering
• SOPs, methods and cleaning cycle development and optimization
• Cleaning system design, modifications and upgrades
Validation Support and Services
• Sampling / analytical methods development and validation
• Selection and calculation of limits and acceptance criteria
• Development and implementation of master plans, protocols, test plans
• Contract analytical services for cleaning samples
Employee Training, Seminars and Workshops
• Cleaning technology and Cleaning Validation (for any product class)
• Microbial Control and Monitoring of Aseptic Processing and Isolators
• Cleaning and Microbial Control for Non sterile Products